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Camp Festival

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Colours of the Valley

August 17, 2015 1:33 pm by randy


We are in full swing in the Valley.

To us it looks like an explosion of colour. If we are a giant canvas, every person that walks in is a splash of colour. Every life has unique stories, likes and dislikes, hobbies, and struggles. Every life has its’ own unique colour.

You could ask every camper about their favourite part of the day and get a different answer from each of them. It is beautiful how different we are. You can ask them what stood out to them at EDGE and still, each person will say something different.

To us camp looks like a mosaic. Each person brings a new piece to a beautiful work of art. In a mosaic you don’t know how many pieces of glass had to break to create one piece of art. You don’t know if the entire broken bowl was used or just a few pieces. You don’t know the stories behind the things that make up the broken glass. It could have been a great grandmothers’ handmade china. It could have been something a toddler painted that you cherished. It could have been a favourite mug.

All these different stories make up one piece of art. That is what makes a mosaic beautiful. That is what makes camp so beautiful; all these different stories and personalities and characters and colours coming together for one week. For one purpose.


So far camp has looked like teenagers coming in and bringing energy and joy and excitement.

It has looked like dancers bringing their own personalities and passions to camp to share with everyone.

It has looked like discipleship. Teenagers coming because they want to know Jesus more. Because they want to gain leadership skills. Because they crave community. Because they want to impact campers like their counselors have done for them.

At camp hiking up and down hills is a normal part of life. Mosquitoes become a state of mind. Poison ivy doesn’t even phase us. Running through the bush at night dodging tree branches and flashlights is our idea of an adrenaline rush. It is common knowledge that ROCS, rocks. Water games is an excuse to put off showering for another day or two. Hanging out with teenagers is our passion which means that we have the coolest job ever. “Exhausted,” is the only answer to the “how are you” question, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

This is summer.


This is camp.


Here we have met Jesus.

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Spring in the Valley

May 27, 2015 4:29 pm by randy

IMG_6975 (2)

It’s here! Spring has come and is in full swing here at the Valley. Our Spring Staff team arrived at the beginning of May and has been settling into camp life quite well. There’s been some noticeable changes around camp as the spring staff have been here. For one, it’s a lot louder. There’s always conversation happening, always laughter to be heard. Our morning staff meetings have gotten a lot bigger. It’s a beautiful thing, to have so many people praying with and for each other every morning.

Community. There’s nothing like it. In the “5 Star,” the girl’s house, there are 10 spring staff and living in the guy’s residence, there are 7. We’ve had fires. We’ve had worship nights. We’ve had community lunches and suppers. We’ve played foosball.  We’ve watched movies. We’ve been working together to get camp ready for summer: planning skits, planning different skills like weaponry and arts & crafts, planning specialty camps like dance camp and bike camp, and planning for training teams. We’ve also been doing camp together, running the climbing wall, arts and crafts, weaponry, horses, and games for school groups and rental groups. Having people, kids and adults alike, coming through the camp is refreshing and energizing. It’s why we’re here. It’s what we do!

We consume a lot more coffee. We eat a lot more food. We use a lot more dishes. But it’s so worth it. One thing we’ve been talking about a lot this spring season is that your story matters. Revelation 12:11 says, ” They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” (NIV) This shows how important and powerful your story is. It has the potential to impact lives…that’s pretty cool. In pondering summer camp this year, we really believe that each kid that steps into this camp this summer has a purpose, that they are important, and that their story matters. And you know what? We believe that for you, too. #pvbc15

Our Spring Team is:

Levi Willems – Program Director

Britton James-Thiessen – Paintball Leader

Joe Enns – Guys Discipleship

Harlan Schaefer – Weaponry Leader

Scott Harder – Maintenance

Cameron McNabb – Outdoor Leader

Trevor Elias – Bike Leader

Erica Bartsch – Foods & Services Coordinator

Lucienne Elias – Girls Discipleship

Mia James-Thiessen – Photography/Liaison

Arial Giesbrecht – Social Media/Promotions

Ashley Klassen – Assistant Wrangler

Tracey Friesen – Camp Artist

Kaitlyn Rempel – MTT Leader

Brette Elias – MMT Leader


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